Monday, January 4, 2010

Mary Rose Maregmen is MY SISTER

Written last June 2009:

Grab the moment and share what you got! This is my battlecry to my sisters everytime there's a change seeing them doing something just in case they need a moral booster or enhancer:

Rose, thank you for making your highschool life so worthful. I understand the hardship that you've endured!. 'Minsan kung napapagsabihan kita I know your not taking me on the wrong side. This is what I wanted you to be, though the benchmark of my sermons always lies to the things that you wanted to do. Always do remember that Kuya Panoy loves you so much. You and Jessa is never a half-blood sister but really a SISTER to me. Continue to put away shyness, Beat all the odds one-by-one. In due time, when destiny decide to unfolds what it holds, I know your on top doing the things that you love the most.

 Love you both!!!