Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Love and War

In Love and War

‘Came from a music store to check the copy of this. Now I’m holding it at last…

IN LOVE AND WAR is FrancisM’s last album + Ely’s last colabo with FM + Gloc’s Rapping English Track + 9 new original tracks + Kimosave remixing the “unstrung..”. Pagkatapos i-rip ‘tago ko na to sa baul… ng naka-frame!

‘Sang linggong nasa playlist 'to!..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

N8 vs iPhone 4 camera test shows Apple can’t stop telling us how we should see the world | Nokia Experts

Aba? ano pa hinihintay natin? Grab one now!!! N8 beating iPhon4!!! CNET also conducted a comparison of the N8, iPhone 4, and a dedicated digital camera and their conclusion, along with their photo proof, shows the N8 is close to a dedicated digital camera and better than the iPhone 4.

N8 vs iPhone 4 camera test shows Apple can’t stop telling us how we should see the world | Nokia Experts

Facebook-Skype deal must go beyond voice chat -

I hope this will push through!!! If ever, maraming matutuwang OFW dito...

Though personally, I would agree with one "sound-off", Google voice would have been a better fit for Facebook.

Just my opinion..

Facebook-Skype deal must go beyond voice chat -

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Constant Change

From Dr. Fernandez to Rockefeller then to 40th Floor of Philamlife Tower....

JMC got it right when he hummed, " Along the road we move from place to place, and ofentimes when I'm about to call it home, we've had to move is a constant change". Parallel with the excitement brought by change is the fear because of so many "what if's", 'never giving-up the fight and still FOCUS to attain whatever there is... I need to be covered by doing what is right, expected and trusted.

I can really relate to Gloc 9's "Martilyo".

What I know for now?, I'm not headin' to nowhere, My eyes are looking to a nearer place which is a higher ground.

"I can do all thing through Christ who strengths me"-St.Paul

Appreciate the reality that today I will in Cebu, tomorrow Davao, Saturday.. back to base...

By then, I wanna feel that I'm back HOME.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burning Bridges (Aw aw aw - dog)

I'm focused inside my own universe when suddenly was shocked that there was a chaos outside. Upon asking, I found out that the bird created the issue, then pig cascaded it with li'l exaggeration because of this the dog barked so loud just so a lot of dogs will join him, and he succeeded. I then stepped out to ......clarify their self-created chaos, and surprisingly they talked altogether in DIFFERENT tones.

The bird said that he didn't say that, the pig said, “I just cascaded”, and the dog shouted "I'm the victim". Now that some of them don’t want to correct everything based on TRUTH, I realized God is unfolding two wonderful things... ONE, sadly, I need to move on and burn bridges,

TWO, Maybe this is the time that I need to let go of the dog which once so dear to me. Now, I have chosen the motor instead of those anchors. If you ask me what I’m doing? I'm now humming here in my own universe and shaking it off.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mary Rose Maregmen is MY SISTER

Written last June 2009:

Grab the moment and share what you got! This is my battlecry to my sisters everytime there's a change seeing them doing something just in case they need a moral booster or enhancer:

Rose, thank you for making your highschool life so worthful. I understand the hardship that you've endured!. 'Minsan kung napapagsabihan kita I know your not taking me on the wrong side. This is what I wanted you to be, though the benchmark of my sermons always lies to the things that you wanted to do. Always do remember that Kuya Panoy loves you so much. You and Jessa is never a half-blood sister but really a SISTER to me. Continue to put away shyness, Beat all the odds one-by-one. In due time, when destiny decide to unfolds what it holds, I know your on top doing the things that you love the most.

 Love you both!!!