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Peterpan Goes North (Created April 13, 2009)

A lot of times, I’ve been hearing the word “Backpackers”. It was a word of mouth of those individual souls that addicted in the sudden action adventure. “Sudden” kase walang plano, spontaneous lang kung baga. Though during the stage of planning, we then started to be excited that we even bought a tent which was on-sale in some of ACE outlets.


We tried to be one of those, after hearing that we’ll have a long vacation due to long Lenten vacation, we then planned for a summer get-away. This time we heeded North, with TEI as our compass. We packed away, set 9pm call time at Five Star Terminal in Cubao. Together with my GF and two officemates Jen and Ailah, we’re the first four who’ve reached the meeting place. EDSA that time is a bumper to bumper carnival place and out of that chaotic and restless road we saw two-makati-condominiumers TL Hamphrey and my very good friend Ronnie. The nearest of us all in Cubao were Lady and Tei, but the most late who’ve arrived in the place. In our initial checking of our general checklist, Butane is missing. Anyway, butane is a sort of GAS spray that is needed for cooking. So Ronnie and I decided to beat the Gateway Mall closing hour, so fortunate that after a long run the item is ready-available in Shopwise Cubao. Upon going back to the meeting place the others were not there and after which we discovered that they’re already battling for us to get an eight set space to one of the busses with route going to Alaminos. I tell you, as if it was the first stage and most difficult among challenges that we experienced.


We reached Alaminos City at about 5am. May I mention that I was once here during my highschool days because of the provincial shows that we did and me being the back-up dancer for some artist of That’s Entertainment, and matatawa ka on the side where Amay Bisaya and Ramon Zamora. I can’t forget that time because it was also the first time that I saw Butch Chrvet who sang “Awit kay Kleyr” during that time. Kinda “Baptist-sposored” show. Though malaki na pinagbago ng lugar.


Then as early as 6am unlike in Manila, most of the stalls in their Market were not yet open. We patiently waited until a li’l later we already bought necessary things and foods that we needed.         


After taking our breakfast in Nepo Mall, we then proceeded to Burgos to get a two-hour ride again going to our final destination “DASOL, Pangasinan” where the “Crocodile Island” can be found. BTW, it was already featured in some of TV shows including Jessica Soho’s Shows in GMA7. From Alaminos you can take a 15 minute ride going to the famous “Hundred Island” but we chose to take the better alternative route going to Burgos because were are expecting for a much number of local tourist in the Hundred Islands.  Personally, I almost run out of patience during the time that we took our final ride going to Burgos. It was a rough and dusty road that heeding up and down. It was like a metaphor, that sometimes as one of the troubled-individual, due to so much pressure we seem to loss our temper but after surpassing the challenges, we found blessings and happiness. Because after that long chaotic way, we then reached the end-road and were surprised by how GOD made this place, BEAUTIFULLY. More than the beauty of nature, the hospitality of the people in that small community got our attention except for the Barangay Chairwoman ( Don’t wanna elaborate more here) My colleague’s will understand what I am saying ‘buti na lang di nya ko nakausap. People are people talaga full of peculiarity and adversity. Kaya minsan di ako naniniwala kay Joey Ayala nung sinabi nyang ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay, kse sa totoo lang ayokong magkaroon ng kaugnayan kay Chairwoman, hehehehe.


Oh, anyway we spent our whole Thursday in that small barrio, until Friday afternoon came at about 6pm we transferred in a Small Island just an adjacent to where we are. The next day, Saturday, we explored finally the next Island which called “Crocodile Island”.


During our stay, I can’t any longer ask for anything more. I was 7 months ago when I decided to transferred to another company after the long 6 years stay ni the former one. Now here I am, enjoying the company of these new friends wherein the exploration of new things through island hopping is a bonus. 2008 and first quarter of 2009 has had so much blessings which enable me to be thankful during this Lenten Season. Whereby, throughout those enjoyments, personally, I took time in each moment to take a pause, ‘abused the opportunity of being close with nature and water as the dominant element:


He took every bruised for my iniquities, He shed His own blood for my transgressions to be cleaned, He didn’t stayed in the grave, after the third day He rose from the dead to said the great commission, which is the ultimate reason shy I am writing this.


 How about you my friend, how did you observe the Lenten?


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