Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forever Fighting..Forever Winning..

It's been a long time since I have made my last entry. Anyway, most of my precious time were taken by the mighty well of giving it for the good of my job, but mind you I'm still making time to be inspired through reading good books, watching good docu's, and going to church while meditation regularly on the side. Though oftentimes tough, I'm happy bout my new job and Im going 7 months on April. I have a wonderful Boss and minor problems on the ground but I know I can manage. There's no perfect battlefield, besides compare to my previous map I will chose to be in this one. There are better weapons here, better players, and better weather.

My sister went to our hometown which we didn't visit since 1980. From the original plan of staying 1 week it became 1 month. I couldn't wait that I can possibly go there SOON. Capiz watch out!. I'm excited to be with my newly discovered "kamag-anak". Things are really falling to it's places based on the Master's plan. But come 2nd week of April, we will be leaving the vehicle to Acabar, we will typical ride a public transport go to Dasol, Pangasinan to do Island hopping, camping and discover new things within our ownselves, with me are Nokia NAD Coors and Backend Admins namely Lady, Kristel, Ailah, Ronnie, Jen and Cely. Tomorrow will buy a Camping Tent! I'm excited!

One of my long considered mentor already died. FM is the name, koliedescope is the master piece. Im still have two mentors living in entertainment industry. Ely and ultimate mentor GaryV still shining and hopefully will live longer.

Quite sometimes, if times permits I'm visiting the former colleagues from GMS to stay focus and beinspired, to reminisce and to keep my feet on the ground.

Went back to GEAIS, was invited to speak to hundreds of graduating student for batch 09. With an engineer, AFP Capt., real state broker, etc., while me in the end of the long list of speaker as graduate of 2 vocational short courses but miraculously now acting as the NOKIA country data administrator. I have highlighted not the achievement but the whole process of getting there. Nugets of wisdom were chewed by the young prayer is for them to find a right path, right people and right relationship with the One who know the reason of their existence.

Initially, I've been hearing Pampanga Father Panlilio will be running for 2009 Election, SANA MATUPAD naman. I'm seek and tired to be deducted with a large percentage of my salary then just going to the hands of corrupt officials. The first gentleman and his cohorts are the cancer cells that affects everyone to be corrupt and that old corrupts are reighning like idiots. While common tao are suffering from grinding poverty. Oh GOD hope You intervine NOW! For me its Bro. Eddie, Grace Padaca and Panlilio who's handling the key! Lets shout and say NO TO TRAPOs and TAMA NA SA PAGNANAKAW. Light is nearing to come. Let that internal voice of silent majority be heard, WE WANT RIGHTEOUSNESS in the government RIGHT NOW! Lets put God-fearing individuals in the government.

I'm still leaving, battling, fighting, and playing based in my principle eversince. "What is essential for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing" Thank God Im not inactive to accept injustices.

I am still a KKB, JIL member, Ninoy, GEAIS soldier, DZAS listener, Reader, Friend, Filipino, Son and a CHRISTIAN.

I am still TOMY, still fighting and still WINNING - Prov. 4:13

God bless, everyone!