Sunday, October 5, 2008

Acabar (meaning-the guiding light of bethlehem)

It’s almost a week after the first time entering this room. This is another place where I am getting now my living. And it’s almost week that I’m doing nothing except for having my own tracklist of learning, a bunch of fundamentals that I am getting from informal and formal talk with people here. As early as a week, I have observed the clear ground and it seems that everyone are ok. I put my sensitivity in extreme high level so that it is gonna be easy identifying who is who. As expected all people are good and kind enough to entertain the black horse like me.


I am killing my boredom once in a while, especially during the waiting moment. People are busy doing their regular commitments. I am enjoying the new discoveries. People from Communication industry are like a whole pillar of symphony, each member is working into different directions, aspects, and duties. But after finishing each parts, it’s like a beautiful canvass that serves as an entry in an intramural.


Though, I still miss the people of GMS. I did two visits after Sept. 21 despedida. For now I am doing everything to familiarize the battle ground.


Here I am excited, bit nervous, but above it all SO MUCH EAGER to conquer this shiiit!!!