Monday, August 25, 2008

Contagious Gary V! - Tomy the GV fan

After watching the "His Love" Music Museum Concert last May, 'been able once again catch the Aug. 22 Eastwood Concert dubbed as "Rebirth". In any possible way, I usually taking out of my way to watch the MAN every time my schedule permits. A hundreds times I saw the concept, repertoire, and dance steps but I cannot help myself to be always in amazement tho. What's keeping myself hooked about Gary V are those wonderful and inspiring words in every middle/gap of each songs.

I'm a Christian myself, nourishing my Christian life in a small community called Punta, Sta. Ana, JIL Church Chapter. During the early years of my walk in the Lord I'm always have a hard time thinking a way to marry the Christian living while keeping a professional career. I mean ideally, it's so easy to be theological about it, but in real battleground? it's like moving the entire Mt. Banahaw to South China Sea. As time goes by, I understand that it's really possible.

Now that I'm capable of buying concert tickets, spending some box for new GV CDs. More than the thoughts of being a GV fan, more than the fullfilment of having a complete collection of all his CDs, there's a deeper thoughts about the inner realm where my mentor is going or coming from. And for me... it's spiritually moving.

As if there's a messenger in front of me singing and representing God's voice to correct, guide and remind me about my relationship with HIM. Me, being a GV fan is also a channel of HIS communication with me specially during GV concerts. More than the lights, music and stunts I'm proud to say that GV excelently serve his purpose to GOD and to me... a fan.   

Anyway, I've got the latest copy Gary V tribute CD, a Star Record realease. a must have item. What more can I say! GV signed my CD which also include is a written scripture...Phil. 4:6-7.

God bless you MORE!