Friday, July 25, 2008

Tomy... the misunderstood

I’ve been waiting for this time to come, to prove to those people that I’m somebody. For so many years I’ve been concentrating and focusing my self to be in this place. Whereby people who rejected me, who doesn’t care ‘bout my existence dare to realize that I exist, that I can do better, that I have something to contribute.

And now that everything falls into places, now that majority of them see me as a different person, now that I wanted to shout about what they did to me… I thought I’m going to be happy… and I did without saying what they really did to me.

Some ask for forgiveness, some remains idiots, some encourage, some pass by, and some remain faithful and supportive…

Every morning I woke-up battling with those memories. I was focused to take vengeance with chances that someday, somehow I going to be a better person…with better living… so that no one will again see me defeated.

I’m almost there.

I made it through.

Though there is still so much to conquer, so much to discover and so much to invade I’m checking my map where I should be destined, I’m still half-way of my journey. But in this state, I will not allow anybody to reject me again. I’m sounded boastful, but before you judge me and made me understood, for once ask me…

… about my childhood

… about my hardship

… about my family

… about my past situation

… about my elementary, high school and college life

… about my wounds

… about my pains

And now that I’m almost there, I will again command my self to RE-FOCUS, but this time not to take vengeance but to allow my self to grow and shine. To make everything better and this time for the sake of my family, my self and my ultimate goal… to give glory to Him…

I’m turning journey to better route,,, that’s is discovering and living my greatest purpose…

So help me GOD...TOMY