Friday, March 14, 2008

Tomy... Dawn Flying

Funny it may seem, I filed a half-day leave today the reason? I woke-up late because of the fatigue that I've got caused by last night's Corporate Basketball League (GBL '08). My contribution? Game Announcer, I always had fun doing it. Prior to the final Championship Game between SCJ Baygon vs. MNC Jjampong we also had our own all-star version as Exhibition Game2 (Primer).

I felt blessed because I believe this activities build our corporate relationship with a more unifying spirit. I love seeing those Excoms, Managers, and Supervisors having fun. There's is an old chinese saying that goes,"If you want to test the character of one person put him in sports". My observation, it explain everything well about what I have seen during our event. In the end, we got a li'l team-building sessions with everyone, and the members of the team that participated were all there forgetting what team they came from... truly a night to remember.

And why am I telling you this... I have a new found inspiration being brought to the world by the mind of a person named Jack Canfield founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series. Next time I tell you stories about him...promise!

God Bless to everyone..


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