Sunday, March 23, 2008

I went back to Pagbilao, Quezon (and it feels good!)

March 19, '08 I was busy downloading and searching for everything that can help me in my schedule travel somewhere as part of my past which molded me to what I am today. My destination,..Pagbilao, Quezon. 5 pm that day and I'm ready to go because in my hand now is a map and hotels where we can stay. And Just to give you a bit of info 'bout the place, this is where I practically grew-up. I stayed here for 4 years while my mother went abroad.  This was the place where I experienced a lot of milestone in my personality.
For over 14 years, I still kept a lot of memory that was happened to me in this place. To include are matters about family, friends, and studies. I cannot forget the time that I was graduated in Pagbilao West Elementary School, mind you, I was the 3rd honorable mention...hehehe! this is also the place where my hidden talents were discovered hehehe. I remember practicing dance number with pipoy, wendy rachel, etc. just to present it the following monday. I missed those days were we are contributing steps as choreography to the songs like "Mga Kababayan", "Humanap ka ng pangit", "Supersonic", "Ice ice baby", "Can't touch this",etc. I remember during the times that this place were visited by typhoons but we still managed ourselves to  still go to school using banana leaf that serves as umbrella. I have a LOOOOTT of nice story about the place.
But the most unforgettable one that stand on top of them a sad story, this is when my Mom got home from abroad. She had a terrible fight with my auntie (owner of the house where we stayed) until they have decided to separate and that we're able to transfer to other peoples house because of that gigantic friction between them. And mind you hindi namin eto kamag-anak ha. Praise God to the life of Nanay Charing and Tatay Ogie who lend one of a room for us.
Actually during my stay last weekend, we go out of our way just to see nanay charing (see our pics at photo section), thanks to our navigator Margie. Nanay Charing still have the same perspective about life, full of happiness, very comforting and a very positive woman. Sad to hear but Tatay Ogie already passed away. She's still the same person given the incident. This woman made an impact to my life.
Getting to Pagbilao is a no-brainer task. with the help of those road signs we managed to get there in 4 hours. First thing that we did is to go to Margie's place (my elementary days love team hehehe), we were happy seeing each other. Margie has two kids already, happily married and still have that kindness and friendliness. I also met her mother who has a lot of likeness to my mom. Next stop? Ouan's Hotel where I booked for 2 days. Then we went to Ibayo to see Nanay Charing. I feel excited since I will be seeing my ex - partner in crime as the next stop...Pipoy. This person is the black-sheep of our to speak. Followed is an unplanned get-together to our hotel, present are pipoy and his "laruan" (GF) hehehe..sabi nya. The family of margie...apol, nanay and the kidz... we're like crazy li'l happy family that night.
The following day, while we are craving for "pansit habhab" we saw Nanay Charing and offered us her "bangka" since we're interested of going to "kwebang lampas". Immediately after, we found ourselves packing things needed for this adventure. From hotel we heed back to Bgry. Daungan coz we will be fetched by nanay's bangka. We got into the place after 2 hours. And mind you, the place is really awesome. God's hand is really wonderful. He created this kind of place wonderfully. Nothing we can ask for.
Our last day, we got back to Sta. Catalina church, Pagbilao West Elem. School, Pagbilao Academy and Pagbilao Market. I was like a tour guide for my sisters, explaining every place about the town.
With this I'm really blessed of how God programmed my life, of where I came from, where I am now and where I will be... the good books says, His plan is to prosper us and not to give us harm.
I'm blessed with my two wonderful friends who still remain as my friends. Yes a lot of things changed in Pagbilao, the school, the market, the streets. But what I wonderfully treasured? are the unchanged people..nanay charing, pipoy and margie. They made my summer an unforgettable one. Without any words, they have reminded me to be humble, be ME.
God bless..TOMY

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  1. hehehe....very inspiring ah! dats ol i hav 2 say...........msta.....!!!