Friday, November 16, 2007

I found One of Tagaytay's Hidden Paradise

For almost a month, everyone are talking about the out-of-town seminar for our company's key personnel. Though it wasn't declared yet, everybody is excited 'bout it. To my mind it's been 2 years since we had the last corporate training, I'm also excited.

Finally Nov. 8 it became a reality, it's a short 3 and a half hour trip going to the place. Upon our arrival, we immediately got our room key so that we can put our things according to our assigned group. I enjoy the moment knowing that my room mates are amazing people, they no collaborator or contributor, etc. but certainly they are the so called "collector". For some reasons, I cannot write it here ( di ba Paul?! hehehe!). Going to our room is not as easy as what you think because this time heaven rain is falling and that no covered pathways are existing plus the dim posted light intended to just exist without it's purpose. Sobrang dilim. I thought it was just another place accommodating our event.         

After the first night I wake up early morning the following day because it's in the "house rule" that we should be in the canteen on-time (7 am) so that we will not be penalized. Ooh! to tell you frankly I made a mistake of having my thought last night about the place....  Upon going to canteen to my surprise I almost think that I wokeup in the wrong place, I saw a very wonderful sight, in front of me are unusual landscape, pine trees, etc., It's a wonderful place, I mean no words  can really describe  but really  it's a nice place. Parang wala ka sa tagaytay, ang ganda ng place.  My realization, as Lito Estrella said, "Don't judge!" (pertaining to "dont judge the book to it's cover" hehehe!).

More than the knowledge contributed by the seminar, I really enjoy the place goes with the bonding I had with not only co-employees but also friend from our office in Visayas and Mindanao.

I also added another mentor in my life. He might be surprised upon reading this...hehehe! I discovered another personality with wonderful virtue of being quite and nice, when you talk to this person you will feel that you are seriously entertained and that all your thoughts are important... God bless this man named "Neil Apares". A wonderful person. Well what can I do he made an impact in my life, another reason to enjoy staying in this company...

Please check my f'ster account photos to see the place. :-)


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