Monday, October 1, 2007

Back to my Battlefield!

I had a great time last Saturday attending a Child Dedication in Marketplace, Mandaluyong . While we were there, everybody are busy roaming and chatting with each other. Also present are old friends, church mates, and highschool mates. There I am setting in one corner calling some friends over the phone since there are sets of scheduled "weekend gimmicks" with some of my officemates. I have left my mind floating in the air, thinking what list of songs for our videoke session that night.
Back to to place where I am,  the Fastfood hosts are now calling for the Godfathers in front since the ceremony is now about to start (Oh! you might wondering why they held a ceremony in a fastfood restaurant? because this is a Christian  out-of-tradition procedure  that needs a lot of time to explain).  So during the ceremony, we had our community lady pastor who's presiding the activity. I tell you, while we were there setting and intently listening I cannot describe how people especially the children putting their tone higher than the sound system... it was so distractive. Without blaming those insensitive parents, I still kept my cool until finally the closing prayer for the blessing of the child  came to end.

For me this is the perfect picture of who we are sometimes as a person. Unknowingly, we're like those crazy children doing honest mistakes. we're so insensitive that sometimes we are hurting others and affecting their comforts.

But this is not the biggest realization that I have during this event. Be ready because this is BIG... (drum roll pls!)...

God gave me this wonderful  insights...While seeing an old friends, churchmates and etc., I've tried to positively re-evaluate my self, I have compared myself to those who were there... suddenly God's voice came... saying "YOU ARE STILL SERVING ME AND I APPRECIATED IT, IT MIGHT NOT INSIDE THE CHURCH BUT I STILL LOVE IT'S UNIQUENESS. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE NOW BECAUSE I WANTED TO. JUST STAY FOCUS, BE CONSISTENT, I'M ALWAYS WATCHING YOU... GO BACK TO YOUR BATTLEFIELD... I NEED YOU TO CONQUER MORE FOR MY GLORY"

The party came to an end. Amidst the noise and haste of this world. In this small corner of the universe. In this tiny chair where I am setting.. I stood and went back to my battlefield.

Thanks to Sir Aquino for his wonderful comment in my last entry...       

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