Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trabaho ng trabaho!!!

For almost two weeks now, I've been living my life out of the "norm " this time. Waking-up in the middle of the night rushing to the toilet to take a bath suddenly stopped once noticed the clock  declaring that its still  1 am!!! Haaaaaayyyy!  Nakakapagod din talaga.  Instead of relaxing in our room, 'been busy cooking and checking if everything is ok about my sisters studies and assignments. Minsan magluluto ng ulam para naman hindi laging ready made ang natitikman ng mga kapatid ko. If you think that Im sounded like a "pretending-to-be" a good kuya well I cannot blame you.

But hey I realized one thing!, "YOU WILL FEEL FRUSTRATED IF YOU ALLOW TO" minsan kase hindi mo alam na marami ka na palang blessings because you are so focus with your defficulties in life. I realized that WHAT I FOCUS ON GROWS. Instead of focusing to what is lacking, and everytime moment comes that I'm about to give-up and about to shout because of certain disappointments, I remind myself that everything in life lies in every choices that we make. HAPPINESS IS A MATTER OF CHOICE.

Idagdag mo pa ang minsan ang daming X-People sa trabaho, ung mga critics na hindi alam ang crinicrtisize, kung hindi mo alam ang gagawin maiinis ka talaga!! Wweewww! Hindi ako galit nyan ha... hehehe!

Kaya ako, kahit mahirap ang trabaho ok lang, marami namang walang trabaho! Buti na lang meron ako!         

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  1. I'm glad that you've realized how to be a responsible person. In that way you will be trained for the future. Anyway, each of us have already received something from the Lord, even before we were born.We are so greatly blessed since birth and even before that. Because we came from His unfathonable love and mercy. Let's count all our blessings and give thanks. Have a nice day.