Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've got my dream Transformer toy

Remembering my Elementary days, my mother would fetch me from school during her lunch break (anyway shes working as cutter and sewer in a well-known fashion boutique during the 80's). I'm happy knowing that there is a "lutong ulam" waiting for me. And once we get into to her workplace, we eat together. This is my typical  and awesome everyday life during my early grades.

Until time came that my mother found an opportunity to work abroad. As a child, it's like  the end of my world. I thought that this will surely add to my agony of having a broken family. I remember my mother would personal talked to me while walking back home. I was so resistant 'bout the whole idea. Not until I've heard a very wonderful words coming from my Mom saying "alam mo pag-natuloy ako sa abroad ibibili kita ng laruan ng kotse na nagiging robot" after hearing those words, I immediately (like a thunder in a split of time) respond to her ..."Sige Ma, alis ka na.., promise ung laruan bibilhin mo ha".

Let me tell you that as a small boy I for one was an avid fan of voltes 5, shaider, transformer etc. While my ate was so crazy about Sheryl Cruz and Romnick Sarmenta... hehehehe!. We've been watching those from the window of our neighboor since we cannot afford to have a TV.

For me, it's like a fairytale come true once I get my first transformer toy. Growing up as a boy, I'm just a typical street  fellow.

Every christmas or special occasion I usually did not expect anything from my mom since her income is just and sometimes short to our commodities. I mean, never in my dreams that I could imagine having a toy. I'm ok with those small stuff coming free from cheese curls. At the same time watching my playmates playing their toys is like me having my own toys too. But in a short period of time.   

That's while why watching the Transformer (The movie) I cannot  avoid to remember those times. Thank GOD I can now afford to watch it!  ( I wonder if GOD wasn't good  I maybe finding a window at the theater house so that I could snip a portion of the movie! hehehehe!).

And oh boy! last sunday (July 22, 2007) I finally got my dream toy.

I'm just a 9-year old boy when I first dream of having this toy and now that I'm 29 years old I didn't care 'bout others might say. It didn't come from my mother or from anybody, I bought it all by myself.

The lesson, you can still have even the craziest dream that you had.. even if it will take you 20 years to have it... and for me this is a simple form of fulfillment ... and personally this is my choice!

God bless!


  1. Hi Tomy. It's me Sir Edgar Aquino. I was really blessed and outstanded by what you'd written. It gave me a lot of fresh revelation coming from God and.. yes you're right. God has something in store for us. You just have to uphold all the promises that He'd given. It's quite a while now.Since ICCS days. A lot of blood and sweat had came out of our bodies. And look, what the Lord had done to you. You are better now and all because of Him. I'm proud of you. And I praise God for you. Have a nice day.

  2. Sir Aquino!!!! Kmusta??? Thanks for dropping by and for your wonderful comment. Anyway Im still the same guy... Kita-kits tayo minsan ulit... Continue to mentor other youngblood you may not know it you're already changing the entire world! God bless!