Sunday, April 15, 2007

We Went to Nasugbu Batangas

A day before April 6,2007, we've been busy cooking and packing-up
things that are needed for our 1-day summer escapade, and gues where it
was???..... NASUGBU BATANGAS (It's not surprising, it's in my title!!).
Ive discovered that we are hitting 2 birds in ne shot since
geographically speaking we will be passing in the great view of taal
lake via Tagaytay City.

And oh boy the whole things put into places! We arrived in nasugbu
early morning. Immediately after, weve been busy putting our things in
order, checking the rooms that we are about to rent, the kitchen
section, the security of the place, etc. After the whole pretentions of
being busy, we had a great time walking in the seashore of Nasugbu
Beach and its wonderful! The simplicity of the nature and our so called
vacation is really fantastic! And hey! I discovered something while
we're there:

1. You don't practically need a white sand for your to hear the
greatest music in the universe, For me those are the laughter of my
sisters accompanied with the sound of waves banging in the seashore. I
tell you its priceless.

2. Though this is not Boracay, I felt so blessed realizing that not all people has the oportunity to see this place.

3. And beng in this place really made me more recharged person. Reading
some good books and being connected once again to my goal. Saying a
simple prayer to GOD while  enjoying the touch of fresh air coming from
somewhere as if the nature is talking and  comforting me.

Generally, it was a great experience. Going back to Punta, Sta. Ana is
like slaping my self back to reality but this time it's different me
because Nasugbu is good and have teached me discovering simple joys.

Did I mention that Taal Lake is also great, next time I promised my self to do boating on that place. CIao! TOMY

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