Monday, March 5, 2007

Mga Bagong Balita Tungkol Sa Akin!

Naisip ko matagal-tagal na rin ng huli akong nakapag-sulat ng bagong entry, talaga nga sigurong hindi ako destined to be a writer..hehehe. Though it feels good everytime there is at least a single person whos reading any of my blog's entries.

I am actually visiting ny friendster account everyday but didn't able to write one since last year..IMAGINE????. Naiingit tuloy ako kay Rinna hindi lang dahil nasa Singapore sya pero hanga talaga ako not only to the way she speak and wrote everything about her, but by the COMMITMENT that she is showing writing some new stuff/entry 'bout the things (even small) that are happening to her..naakkss.

Anyway, as my title obviously speak about my objective of writing this one. I'm must say that in the past months of not updating this blog...there is a lot of things (positive and negative happened to me.. I mean there's a lot!!!) which already happened to me which I considered as milestone...hhhhmmmmm:

First. November last year, on my way home, I hit somebody along the road while Im driving my not so latest motorcycle.. I dont wanna get into detail but don't worry, the person is still alive.

Second, My Ate (my eldest sister) went back to abroad already (in Riyadh in particular) and here's the funny side of the story, she was supposed to have a 2 stop over, one in hongkong ang the other one in Dhumam (Im so sorry I do no how to spell it correctly). During the time that she was in hongkong, she managed to have a nap  since at the back of her mind she will be waiting for her next flight for 7 hours, that is a long wait. But mind you, she missed it and because of that she have to pay for a penalty and stay to HK Airport for 2 days to wait for the next trip.. (She will definitely kill me kapag nalaman nyang sinulat ko to dito)... It was a bit funny but when I heard her calling me and telling me what happaned I also practically PANICKED!

Third. I have broken family, some of the people close to me knew this. Since the day that my parents separated that was also the last time that I saw the face of my father. I am only 5 years old during that time. I cannot say the details but most of us already knew the impact of having a broken family, right?. While Im growing-up the only absolute authority in our family is my mother whos always busy working for us. I attain my humble education by working to a different fastfood chain, its really hard. There's  no person to whom i can talk about my frustrations, disappointments, happiness, hurts and accomplishments as a child, as a young adult, and as a person in general. Lately, when I already got a job and earning some money of my own, deep within me there's this small eagerness of wanting to see my father once again. Until one time I met a person (which later on hired to our company) who also came from the place where I was born...Pres. Roxas, Capiz (HINDI AKO ASWANG HA!!!). I was excited in asking her about a contact number or address of a certain sugar manufacturing company in our place, a company where my father worked based on my mom's story. I called the number and surprised to know that my father is already DEAD since October 29, 2005. When I heard it over the phone, I don't know if I will be happy or cry over it just like in some of the movie that I usually watch? To my surprise I didn't feel anything. Maybe there's no emotional attachment because after all I did not experience living with him. I was deprived of having a chance to react with him, laugh with him, cry with him, go into places with him, eat with him and be with him as my father. In the end, whats matters most is to keep in my head and implant to my heart that I will never be in this world without him. After all, a lot of learnings are now coming to my head and surely will be part of me while continually living in this world:
    1. In a broken family, children is the most affected and the greatest victim among others. While mother has the most sacrifices.
    2. Family is precious. Make it a top priority over money, luxuries, movies, barkada, etc.
    3. Give importance to your siblings, parents and everyone at home, while there's still a chance. Make them feel that you love them in every possible way. Rediscovered that meaning of "Thank you" and "I love you"

Will there's still tomorrow. Please pray for me, sa mga nararanasan ko ngayon I know I will become a great person that GOD want me to be. Tuloy ang buhay!

A lot of people are still loving as for who we are!  and GOD is one of them.... God bless us all!!!