Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Si Peterpan nag-iisip-isip...

This past days medyo daming load na trabaho, bsyds papasok na kc ang December. Kaya eto ko tumigil muna, namimiss ko na kc ang tumulala habang office hours. Ipahinga ang isip sandali pero kahit anong gawin ko parang bangungot ang mga kaisipan na pumapasok sa isip ko:

1. Pag-nbweset ako sa mga taong nasa posisyon, galit na ba ako sa buong kumpanya?
2. Kung magmimintis ako na magbigay ng isang daan araw-araw sa nanay ko, masama na ba akong anak?
3. Kung nakadami ako ng GF, ako ba lahat ang dahilan ng break-ups?
4. Kung hindi muna ako makakabili ng mga signature clothes, di na ba ako "in"?
5. Kung tatanggi ako minsan  sa pakisuyo, wala na ba akong pakisama?
6. Kung maaga akong uuwi, boring na ba ang buhay ko?
7. Kung level "A" ako sa badminton tournament, ako na ba ang pinakamagaling?
8. Kung gusto ko ng magkaanak, dahil lang ba 'to sa inggit?
9. Kung di pa rin makahanap ng di selosang GF, masisisi ko ba sila?
10. Kung mahilig akong manood ng sine mag-isa, ba't walang naniniwala?
11. Kung sakaling bigla akong mawala, may maghahanap ba?
12. Kung sabihin kong maabot ko mga pangarap ko, mayabang na ba ako?
13. Kung nagbibiro ako na kamukha ko si John Lloyd Cruz, bat nyo sineseryoso?
14. Kung nanghihinayang ako sa iba kung desisyon, d ba ako natututo?
15. Kung wala ba ako sa tabi 'nyo, pinaguusapan nyo ba kahinaan ko?
16. Kung hindi ko gusto ang gusto mo, baduy ba ako taz ikaw magaling?
17. Kung ang gusto ko hindi mo gusto, makasarili na ba ako?

Mundo talaga... masyadong magulo. 'Yong mga tenants nito iba-iba. Kagaya ko, minsan di ako nagssalita, pero unfair minsan ang iba. Porke mahirap at mayaman sila, mahilig kumanta, tumula, sumayaw, tamad at masipag, maganda at pangit, kamag-anak man o ibang tao... WALA SILANG PINAGKAIBA... PARE-PAREHO SILANG DI NILA AKO KILALA!!! Makalipad na nga muna pabalik sa Neverland... pahinga muna konti taz harapin ko ulit mga tenants ng earth mas masarap paglaruan si Kapt. Hook keysa sa buhay.

Gob Bless to all.... TOMY

Friday, November 16, 2007

I found One of Tagaytay's Hidden Paradise

For almost a month, everyone are talking about the out-of-town seminar for our company's key personnel. Though it wasn't declared yet, everybody is excited 'bout it. To my mind it's been 2 years since we had the last corporate training, I'm also excited.

Finally Nov. 8 it became a reality, it's a short 3 and a half hour trip going to the place. Upon our arrival, we immediately got our room key so that we can put our things according to our assigned group. I enjoy the moment knowing that my room mates are amazing people, they no collaborator or contributor, etc. but certainly they are the so called "collector". For some reasons, I cannot write it here ( di ba Paul?! hehehe!). Going to our room is not as easy as what you think because this time heaven rain is falling and that no covered pathways are existing plus the dim posted light intended to just exist without it's purpose. Sobrang dilim. I thought it was just another place accommodating our event.         

After the first night I wake up early morning the following day because it's in the "house rule" that we should be in the canteen on-time (7 am) so that we will not be penalized. Ooh! to tell you frankly I made a mistake of having my thought last night about the place....  Upon going to canteen to my surprise I almost think that I wokeup in the wrong place, I saw a very wonderful sight, in front of me are unusual landscape, pine trees, etc., It's a wonderful place, I mean no words  can really describe  but really  it's a nice place. Parang wala ka sa tagaytay, ang ganda ng place.  My realization, as Lito Estrella said, "Don't judge!" (pertaining to "dont judge the book to it's cover" hehehe!).

More than the knowledge contributed by the seminar, I really enjoy the place goes with the bonding I had with not only co-employees but also friend from our office in Visayas and Mindanao.

I also added another mentor in my life. He might be surprised upon reading this...hehehe! I discovered another personality with wonderful virtue of being quite and nice, when you talk to this person you will feel that you are seriously entertained and that all your thoughts are important... God bless this man named "Neil Apares". A wonderful person. Well what can I do he made an impact in my life, another reason to enjoy staying in this company...

Please check my f'ster account photos to see the place. :-)


Monday, October 15, 2007

I've finally met Kapitan ELY BUENDIA!

I had a best Saturday last week. Though it wasn't an out-of-town thing. After realizing that it's almost two that I haven't visited any Malls which I usually do (maybe because I've been into my normal cycle since my Mom was already here having an early Christmas vacation all the way from Dubai). Sa mga ka-officemates ko who's reading this, walang pang chocolates kc nga pasalubongs was sent via "package" by my Mom prior to her departure from Dubai.... hehehe!

I remember drafting an approval letter last Thursday so that the whole IT department would be allowed by our Management to report on Oct. 12 (during the holiday) instead of Saturday. As expected it was approved but with the provisions of keeping all things in order and all reports should be submitted.

Last Saturday, there I am enjoying myself inside Robinsons Manila (I tell you it's almost half-a-year since I was there). To my surprise (Damburskie, listen to this!!!) being set-up at the Atrium is the mini-stage announcing the Mall Tour of one of my favorite band "PUPIL". Yahooo! jackpot!

During highschool (hello to all GEAIS Batch '95 Alumni) though I was so involve in a youth ministerial works, I admire Eheads for the things that they are doing. I mean, they are just so simple wearing chuck taylor, industrial not-so dirty jeans, funny shades, etc. I wonder how they hooked everybody with their ordinary tunes that seems so famous among the youth. They caught everyone's attention!

Then I learned that some of their song's lyrics were being studied in "humanities" inside UP campus (where the band came from). Given that they have not formally undergone any formal music education, I am amazed and grateful being a part of Dekada '90 because of this band.

If I may just mention, I admire the main man of the Eraserheads...Kapitan Ely (as what the industry now call him!!) because of his simplicity in representing not only his group but moreso the Decade of 90's. I'm not an Eheads fan by the way (because I'm Gary V's fanatic hehehe!), but like in other things which surrounding us, I learned that being yourself can actually magnet everyone's attention. Without any effort (like Eraserheads), if we can try to be more contented for who we are, it's the best product that we can offer to the universe then it can result to gaining the respect of general others. We don't need to be a "conservatory music" graduate or learn all the aspect of life to be called geniuses, it's just maximizing what we have in life and enjoy it while staying who we are! 

God created us the way we are. Our uniqueness,
if we can just be contended and enjoy it as a person, it will set us
apart away from those who are "troubled discontended".

Ganda ng album ng "Pupil" wildlife! Band photo shot's are taken by the Philippines Master Rapper turned Christian Musician Francis Magalona....

You can check my friendster photo section to see my souvenir picture with now legendary OPM icon Ely Buendia.

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Anyway, welcome home Mom!

God bless everyone! Always do good!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Back to my Battlefield!

I had a great time last Saturday attending a Child Dedication in Marketplace, Mandaluyong . While we were there, everybody are busy roaming and chatting with each other. Also present are old friends, church mates, and highschool mates. There I am setting in one corner calling some friends over the phone since there are sets of scheduled "weekend gimmicks" with some of my officemates. I have left my mind floating in the air, thinking what list of songs for our videoke session that night.
Back to to place where I am,  the Fastfood hosts are now calling for the Godfathers in front since the ceremony is now about to start (Oh! you might wondering why they held a ceremony in a fastfood restaurant? because this is a Christian  out-of-tradition procedure  that needs a lot of time to explain).  So during the ceremony, we had our community lady pastor who's presiding the activity. I tell you, while we were there setting and intently listening I cannot describe how people especially the children putting their tone higher than the sound system... it was so distractive. Without blaming those insensitive parents, I still kept my cool until finally the closing prayer for the blessing of the child  came to end.

For me this is the perfect picture of who we are sometimes as a person. Unknowingly, we're like those crazy children doing honest mistakes. we're so insensitive that sometimes we are hurting others and affecting their comforts.

But this is not the biggest realization that I have during this event. Be ready because this is BIG... (drum roll pls!)...

God gave me this wonderful  insights...While seeing an old friends, churchmates and etc., I've tried to positively re-evaluate my self, I have compared myself to those who were there... suddenly God's voice came... saying "YOU ARE STILL SERVING ME AND I APPRECIATED IT, IT MIGHT NOT INSIDE THE CHURCH BUT I STILL LOVE IT'S UNIQUENESS. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE NOW BECAUSE I WANTED TO. JUST STAY FOCUS, BE CONSISTENT, I'M ALWAYS WATCHING YOU... GO BACK TO YOUR BATTLEFIELD... I NEED YOU TO CONQUER MORE FOR MY GLORY"

The party came to an end. Amidst the noise and haste of this world. In this small corner of the universe. In this tiny chair where I am setting.. I stood and went back to my battlefield.

Thanks to Sir Aquino for his wonderful comment in my last entry...       

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've got my dream Transformer toy

Remembering my Elementary days, my mother would fetch me from school during her lunch break (anyway shes working as cutter and sewer in a well-known fashion boutique during the 80's). I'm happy knowing that there is a "lutong ulam" waiting for me. And once we get into to her workplace, we eat together. This is my typical  and awesome everyday life during my early grades.

Until time came that my mother found an opportunity to work abroad. As a child, it's like  the end of my world. I thought that this will surely add to my agony of having a broken family. I remember my mother would personal talked to me while walking back home. I was so resistant 'bout the whole idea. Not until I've heard a very wonderful words coming from my Mom saying "alam mo pag-natuloy ako sa abroad ibibili kita ng laruan ng kotse na nagiging robot" after hearing those words, I immediately (like a thunder in a split of time) respond to her ..."Sige Ma, alis ka na.., promise ung laruan bibilhin mo ha".

Let me tell you that as a small boy I for one was an avid fan of voltes 5, shaider, transformer etc. While my ate was so crazy about Sheryl Cruz and Romnick Sarmenta... hehehehe!. We've been watching those from the window of our neighboor since we cannot afford to have a TV.

For me, it's like a fairytale come true once I get my first transformer toy. Growing up as a boy, I'm just a typical street  fellow.

Every christmas or special occasion I usually did not expect anything from my mom since her income is just and sometimes short to our commodities. I mean, never in my dreams that I could imagine having a toy. I'm ok with those small stuff coming free from cheese curls. At the same time watching my playmates playing their toys is like me having my own toys too. But in a short period of time.   

That's while why watching the Transformer (The movie) I cannot  avoid to remember those times. Thank GOD I can now afford to watch it!  ( I wonder if GOD wasn't good  I maybe finding a window at the theater house so that I could snip a portion of the movie! hehehehe!).

And oh boy! last sunday (July 22, 2007) I finally got my dream toy.

I'm just a 9-year old boy when I first dream of having this toy and now that I'm 29 years old I didn't care 'bout others might say. It didn't come from my mother or from anybody, I bought it all by myself.

The lesson, you can still have even the craziest dream that you had.. even if it will take you 20 years to have it... and for me this is a simple form of fulfillment ... and personally this is my choice!

God bless!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trabaho ng trabaho!!!

For almost two weeks now, I've been living my life out of the "norm " this time. Waking-up in the middle of the night rushing to the toilet to take a bath suddenly stopped once noticed the clock  declaring that its still  1 am!!! Haaaaaayyyy!  Nakakapagod din talaga.  Instead of relaxing in our room, 'been busy cooking and checking if everything is ok about my sisters studies and assignments. Minsan magluluto ng ulam para naman hindi laging ready made ang natitikman ng mga kapatid ko. If you think that Im sounded like a "pretending-to-be" a good kuya well I cannot blame you.

But hey I realized one thing!, "YOU WILL FEEL FRUSTRATED IF YOU ALLOW TO" minsan kase hindi mo alam na marami ka na palang blessings because you are so focus with your defficulties in life. I realized that WHAT I FOCUS ON GROWS. Instead of focusing to what is lacking, and everytime moment comes that I'm about to give-up and about to shout because of certain disappointments, I remind myself that everything in life lies in every choices that we make. HAPPINESS IS A MATTER OF CHOICE.

Idagdag mo pa ang minsan ang daming X-People sa trabaho, ung mga critics na hindi alam ang crinicrtisize, kung hindi mo alam ang gagawin maiinis ka talaga!! Wweewww! Hindi ako galit nyan ha... hehehe!

Kaya ako, kahit mahirap ang trabaho ok lang, marami namang walang trabaho! Buti na lang meron ako!         

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We Went to Nasugbu Batangas

A day before April 6,2007, we've been busy cooking and packing-up
things that are needed for our 1-day summer escapade, and gues where it
was???..... NASUGBU BATANGAS (It's not surprising, it's in my title!!).
Ive discovered that we are hitting 2 birds in ne shot since
geographically speaking we will be passing in the great view of taal
lake via Tagaytay City.

And oh boy the whole things put into places! We arrived in nasugbu
early morning. Immediately after, weve been busy putting our things in
order, checking the rooms that we are about to rent, the kitchen
section, the security of the place, etc. After the whole pretentions of
being busy, we had a great time walking in the seashore of Nasugbu
Beach and its wonderful! The simplicity of the nature and our so called
vacation is really fantastic! And hey! I discovered something while
we're there:

1. You don't practically need a white sand for your to hear the
greatest music in the universe, For me those are the laughter of my
sisters accompanied with the sound of waves banging in the seashore. I
tell you its priceless.

2. Though this is not Boracay, I felt so blessed realizing that not all people has the oportunity to see this place.

3. And beng in this place really made me more recharged person. Reading
some good books and being connected once again to my goal. Saying a
simple prayer to GOD while  enjoying the touch of fresh air coming from
somewhere as if the nature is talking and  comforting me.

Generally, it was a great experience. Going back to Punta, Sta. Ana is
like slaping my self back to reality but this time it's different me
because Nasugbu is good and have teached me discovering simple joys.

Did I mention that Taal Lake is also great, next time I promised my self to do boating on that place. CIao! TOMY

Monday, April 2, 2007

Graduations Moved Me!!!

March 28, 2007 to be exact. I'm in a rushed preparing for my sisters' graduation day. Since we came late, we made ourselves line in the lower section  because section one  where my sister belong already got  in their respective places.

I'd like to mention that my sister is enrolled in a public school  and I'm proud of her being an individual who did not affected by the environment of having a typical attitude of her classmates. Well, what can you expect for a public school though I want to skip the factual reality of over population of the students plus the "not-so-good" facilities equals  a "not-convincing" statement of "quality education" painted on their entrance wall.

Go back to the event, I thought it was a typical day for me attending a simple grad ceremony. Upon following every part of the program through the invitation handouts Im just an observer and happened to be critics for every untoward acts of the person standing in front of us.

I thought Im a good observer indeed, later that I noticed myself craving to remember all the memories that we've gone through as a family. Upon hearing "Iingatan Ka" a part where students gave tributes to their parents, how I wish  that my mother was there witnessing everything.  Am I too dramatic??? Naaaah,  not all children has the oppurtunity to gain education, not all students can enjoy being a students because their parents can provide them  their "baon" everyday, not all are previlige of going to school. I'm glad my sister have it. Seeing other parents crying and putting on their sunglasses to hide their tears, I am amazed of what the ceremony can do to all the people there.

It paids all the efforts of the people there, for me, it highlights the determination of the students, the patience of the teachers and the sacrifices of the parents.

As for me, it reminds me of the past graduation rights that I have, my accomplishments, my own dreams, my frustrations, it reminds me of me being a boy who once also dream to be somebody. Who always went to school without taking a breakfast, falling in line with my dirty sleepers while other has ther own nice pair of shoes.

What I have with me after the event.... MY OLD SELF. A reminded one about his dreams and ambitions. And to thank GOD for all the blessings.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Mga Bagong Balita Tungkol Sa Akin!

Naisip ko matagal-tagal na rin ng huli akong nakapag-sulat ng bagong entry, talaga nga sigurong hindi ako destined to be a writer..hehehe. Though it feels good everytime there is at least a single person whos reading any of my blog's entries.

I am actually visiting ny friendster account everyday but didn't able to write one since last year..IMAGINE????. Naiingit tuloy ako kay Rinna hindi lang dahil nasa Singapore sya pero hanga talaga ako not only to the way she speak and wrote everything about her, but by the COMMITMENT that she is showing writing some new stuff/entry 'bout the things (even small) that are happening to her..naakkss.

Anyway, as my title obviously speak about my objective of writing this one. I'm must say that in the past months of not updating this blog...there is a lot of things (positive and negative happened to me.. I mean there's a lot!!!) which already happened to me which I considered as milestone...hhhhmmmmm:

First. November last year, on my way home, I hit somebody along the road while Im driving my not so latest motorcycle.. I dont wanna get into detail but don't worry, the person is still alive.

Second, My Ate (my eldest sister) went back to abroad already (in Riyadh in particular) and here's the funny side of the story, she was supposed to have a 2 stop over, one in hongkong ang the other one in Dhumam (Im so sorry I do no how to spell it correctly). During the time that she was in hongkong, she managed to have a nap  since at the back of her mind she will be waiting for her next flight for 7 hours, that is a long wait. But mind you, she missed it and because of that she have to pay for a penalty and stay to HK Airport for 2 days to wait for the next trip.. (She will definitely kill me kapag nalaman nyang sinulat ko to dito)... It was a bit funny but when I heard her calling me and telling me what happaned I also practically PANICKED!

Third. I have broken family, some of the people close to me knew this. Since the day that my parents separated that was also the last time that I saw the face of my father. I am only 5 years old during that time. I cannot say the details but most of us already knew the impact of having a broken family, right?. While Im growing-up the only absolute authority in our family is my mother whos always busy working for us. I attain my humble education by working to a different fastfood chain, its really hard. There's  no person to whom i can talk about my frustrations, disappointments, happiness, hurts and accomplishments as a child, as a young adult, and as a person in general. Lately, when I already got a job and earning some money of my own, deep within me there's this small eagerness of wanting to see my father once again. Until one time I met a person (which later on hired to our company) who also came from the place where I was born...Pres. Roxas, Capiz (HINDI AKO ASWANG HA!!!). I was excited in asking her about a contact number or address of a certain sugar manufacturing company in our place, a company where my father worked based on my mom's story. I called the number and surprised to know that my father is already DEAD since October 29, 2005. When I heard it over the phone, I don't know if I will be happy or cry over it just like in some of the movie that I usually watch? To my surprise I didn't feel anything. Maybe there's no emotional attachment because after all I did not experience living with him. I was deprived of having a chance to react with him, laugh with him, cry with him, go into places with him, eat with him and be with him as my father. In the end, whats matters most is to keep in my head and implant to my heart that I will never be in this world without him. After all, a lot of learnings are now coming to my head and surely will be part of me while continually living in this world:
    1. In a broken family, children is the most affected and the greatest victim among others. While mother has the most sacrifices.
    2. Family is precious. Make it a top priority over money, luxuries, movies, barkada, etc.
    3. Give importance to your siblings, parents and everyone at home, while there's still a chance. Make them feel that you love them in every possible way. Rediscovered that meaning of "Thank you" and "I love you"

Will there's still tomorrow. Please pray for me, sa mga nararanasan ko ngayon I know I will become a great person that GOD want me to be. Tuloy ang buhay!

A lot of people are still loving as for who we are!  and GOD is one of them.... God bless us all!!!